Weeks ago, West praised Rap Snacks CEO James Lindsay on Twitter & decided to drop by the office to hang with Lindsay & Master P.
In 1994, Rap Snacks CEO James Lindsay launched his brand that has now become a multimillion-dollar empire. The snack bags named after popular artists have taken over the market, and they’re only increasing in popularity as they partner with more artists and increase visibility. Weeks ago, Kanye West gave Lindsay a shoutout on Twitter by using him as an example. “JAMES LINDSAY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND POWERFUL ENTREPRENEUR IN THE WORLD … HE DON’T GOT TO BEG TO BE ON BOARDS SEATS HE MADE HIS OWN JAMES IS TRULY FREE,” he wrote.On Wednesday (October 7), Kanye unexpectedly dropped by the Rap Snacks office in Miami for a visit. West posed for pictures with both Lindsay and Master P, the latter of whom has created his own line of cereal and ramen noodles. James Lindsay shared a photo of himself with Master P and Ye, writing in the caption, “Changing are economic situation as we know it today is going to take a collective effort from people who understand how to change industries @Kanyewest @masterp it was great connecting today.”After his visit, following the vice presidential debate, Kanye West returned to the political arena—sort of—to share a few peeks at his “Vote Kanye” merchandise. He didn’t give any details as to what he thought of the debate itself, but you can take a look at his presidential swag below.


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